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“It’s an honor for me to have all the great instructors we have teaching at our club. When the club first started it was really just me teaching and developing the programs throughout the years. But I have been very lucky to have met many great people who have joined out club as students and worked their way up to instructors, or have come to us with past experience and joined our family to teach” – Ray McKinnon club founder

The resumes and experiences of each instructor is quite long. All instructors were picked by Ray McKinnon due to their dedication and commitment in the Martial Arts

Below is a list of those currently teaching classes at the club; however you may see different ones from time to time.

Japanese Jujitsu team

We have 28 Certified Black Belts, but below is the ones you will find most nights teaching


Sensei Ray McKinnon - 5th Dan

Founder/Owner - Full bio






Roger Stone

Roger Stone

One of our academy’s most accomplished instructors Roger hold a 3rd Dan in Jujitsu, Apprentice instructor in Jun Fan Gung-Fu/Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts, a certified Submission grappling instructor and also teaching Celtic stick fighting. You will find Roger teaching Monday and Thursday daytime and Saturday as well. Roger has been training since 1998

Brent MacRae

Brent has been training since he was 5 years old  he is one of the most senior students within the academy. Brent brings with him a lifetime of training in Jujitsu as well as various weapons training.

Jeremy Ford

A 2nd Dan Black Belt Jeremy has been training since he was 13.  Jeremy is head of our kids/youth programs as well as assistant instructor for Japanese Jujitsu, Filipino Martial Arts and Jeet Kune Do classes


Ben Pincock

Ben has been training since late 2004 and holds the rank for 2nd Dan. He is a dedicated student who you will find teaching the Saturday Jujitsu class.

Scott Roper

Scott has been training since early 2004 and currently holds a 2nd Dan in Jujitsu. He helps teach the kids/youth Jujitsu classes and also helps out on the Jeet Kune Do class.













































 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team

Steven G

Steven Greencorn – Head Instructor

Training since mid 2005 Steve currently holds the rank of Black Belt  under Edgard Lucke from Brazil. He has completed in many local and national competitions including the World Masters (2x) and has trained many students for the same type of events including placing “Top team” at Provincial Grappling events and placing in the Top 5 teams at Canadian International events, Steve was also a past guest instructor for the Canada games Provincial Judo team and worked as a corner coach at U.F.C Fight Night Halifax.

Courtney Pratt

Training since January 2008 Courtney has been a pioneer for not only our current program but the development of Women in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu across Atlantic Canada. A dedicated student who most times can be found at the club seven days a week either teaching, training or keeping the club’s administration duties in order. She was one of the first females to compete in the local BJJ tournaments starting up in the province and a pioneer for getting Women’s divisions added to events. She has organized and promoted Atlantic Canada’s largest Women’s BJJ gatherings where ladies from any grappling art can spend the day or weekend exchanging ideas with each other. Courtney is a certified Black Belt under Bushido-Kai’s senior instructor from Brazil Edgard Lucke.

""It's wonderful to see that Womens BJJ is thriving in Atlantic Canada with the support and leadership of Courtney Pratt. She is a positive, open-hearted individual with a genuine interest and love for the art."

Emily Kwok - Canada’s first ever female BJJ Black Belt and 4 time World Champion currently under the guidance BJJ ledged Marcelo Garcia

Nicholas Michael

Nick started in early 2010 and after his first day of training he has not stopped yet. Known for endlessly training seven days a week, Nick begin helping out teach class and now runs his own class at the academy. Anyone who has taking a class with Nick knows they are in for a hard, but great workout with some of the hardest drilling sessions done anywhere, sometimes up to three hours. A competitor who has entered BJJ events provincially and nationally Nick brings a very unique style to his teaching that everyone can benefit from. Nick holds a Black Belt in BJJ under Bushido-Kai’s senior instructor from Brazil Edgard Lucke.

Jack Cameron

Jack holds a 4th Dan in Judo and brings with him over 30 years of training. He has years of high level competition experience and has trained many Canada games athletes for Judo. Jack is currently a Brown Belt in BJJ and with his Judo background brings a great addition to all our classes that he helps teach.














Kickboxing team

Gerald Sanders

Gerald Sanders


Gerald brings with him over 37 years of experience and is one of Nova Scotia’s longest teaching instructors for Kickboxing. He is one of the main Kickboxing instructors as well as conditioning coach, and main training coach for our amateur and pro fighters. Gerald holds a Black Belt in Goju Karate, 2nd Dan Black Belt in Jujitsu, a former semi-pro Kickboxer (North American style) and a level two certified Muay Thai instructor. He was one of the first “Boot camp” instructors in N.S way back before they called them boot camps. He also runs his own school 5 Element Kickboxing and Fitness and is head coach at Dalhousie Kickboxing club and the Mount Saint Vincent Kickboxing club. And has trained many Canada games athletes in fitness and conditioning,


Ray McKinnon

Full bio




















Submission grappling team

We were the first club to promoted Submission grappling across various parts of the Province way back in 1994 and over the years had many great people help us out. Our class originally was focused on Japanese Submission grappling as well as the Canadian Shootwrestling system, with a mix of both Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling. We have now have added Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to it with the help of our current instructors.

Various  instructors are Steven Greencorn, Mike Heilman, Jesse Allen,

Courtney Pratt and Ray McKinnon



Senior Wrestling coach / MMA coach / MMA fight team manager

Michael Heilman

Mike joins us as our senior wrestling advisor and as a coach for our MMA fighters.  As a wrestler he is a 13 time Nationalist in both Freestyle and Greco Roman. Wrestling in Alberta for the Calgary Wrestling Club then moving to Nova Scotia to begin a Coaching Career. He founded the Metro Wrestling Club in 1990. Michael is a former Canada Games Coach. He is a 5 time coach of the year and has numerous Atlantic and Eastern Championship to his name, 1997 Canada Games Coach, 5 Time Coach of the Year, 2 Eastern Canadian Championships, 3 Atlantic Championships. Mike assisted Ray McKinnon in developing Submission grappling back in the mid 90’s and was a huge help to us back then. Mike helps our with the kids wrestling and takes part in training at the club.

Jeet Kune Do team

Our Jeet Kune Do classes are taught by  Ray McKinnon, Jeremy Ford and Scott Roper

All instructors are certified with a direct linage to Bruce Lee