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Bushido-Kai Programs

All programs are taught by highly qualified instructors; see The Team link.

Bushido-Kai Jujitsu:
The focus of this class is learning the traditional and modern Self-Defense techniques that Jujitsu covers. The core of this class comes from traditional Yoshin-Ryu Jujitsu as learned by Ray McKinnon from 1975 to 1986 under Jim Keers, Robert Wood and Ken Yoshera, then combined with techniques from the more modern Jujitsu based arts ( 1996 to present) like C.J.A Jujitsu – Robert Kranstz, Therian Jujitsu – John Therian and Goshindo – Alain Sailly. As well as the other arts now certified in including Shootwrestling, Muay Thai, Jun Fan Gung-Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Inosanto Filipino Martial Arts. Bringing all this into a “program” not a new “style” The program allows students to explore various techniques from many arts and not be bound by one system.
Training gear required at some point is a "Judo" uniform. (note: there is a difference between a B.J.J uniform and a Japanese Jujitsu/Judo uniform, see the class instructor for info). This is a low to medium workout class.

Our Kickboxing program started in 1987 and is the Halifax’s area longest running Kickboxing class. Started by Ray McKinnon and now headed up by Bushido-Kai’s head striking Coach Gerald Sanders. We offer Amateur or “North American style” Mauy Thai, and Jun Fan Kickboxing (Bruce Lee’s style of Kickboxing with the focus on learning the techniques, the art and getting a great workout. Our Kickboxing program is also taught at Dalhousie University and Mount Saint Vincent University and was also taught at the Canada games center and to Canada games athletes. We have students who enter various Kickboxing and MMA events and are currently 6-0 in events for our team.

Training gear required for this class at some point is boxing gloves; groin protector, shin guards, mouth-guard, and most can be bought at Wall Mart or see the club for great deals. This is a medium to high workout class.

Brazilian JiuJitsu:

The Bushido-Kai’s BJJ program started from small roots in late 2007 thanks to Sensei Nathan Stevers (Renzo Gracie Purple belt) and then passed onto Steven Greencorn who has grow it into one strong tree and a force to be reckoned with within the BJJ community of Atlantic Canada. (more info)
Under the direction of our senior instructor Edgard Lucke and his instructor MXT – Jiu-jitsu team founder Max Trombini both from Brazil the BJJ program at Bushido-Kai is one of our largest programs at the academy. With Three BJJ Black Belts and a large number of Blue, Purple and Brown Belts many of our students have gone on to compete locally, provincially and nationally bringing home over 40 international medals in BJJ competition and world championships.

 MXT –Jiu-Jitsu Team  was one of the top 5 teams in Canada at the 2014 IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championships in Montreal.


Women’s BJJ program – is headed up by Courtney Pratt BJJ Black Belt,  a endless promoter of Women in BJJ across the Province and Atlantic Canada, see The Team page for bio.

Jun Fan Gung-Fu/Jeet Kune Do:
Bruce Lee's Martial Art, a big misconception is people thinking Jeet Kune Do is a style. The core art that anyone training J.K.D has to learn is Jun Fan Gung-Fu, this has required techniques that a person has to learn in order to move on to the J.K.D way of thinking. Our knowledge is directly passed down from one of only three men certified by Bruce Lee to teach his art and the only person certified by Bruce Lee to teach Jeet Kune Do.
Techniques cover trapping, \striking, grappling. No uniform required, low to medium work out class and there are no belt awarded in this class.

Submission grappling:

In 1993 Ray McKinnon started incorporating Submission wrestling into his training. After begin certified in the Canadian Shootwrestling system he started to promote it across Nova Scotia taking it to many part of the province for the first time.
Now with a huge BJJ influence added into it to make it stronger, the Submission grappling program covers techniques from Japanese submission grappling, Greco-Roman/amateur wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, all the instructors have years of competition experience. Monday class covers Submission grappling with BJJ mix and Sunday Submission grappling with a wrestling mix

5E Athletics - MMA conditioning
This is a great fitness based class that will test your endurance and help you get seriously fit. Our coach Gerald Sanders in the original “boot camp” instructor in Nova Scotia and brings with him over thirty years of Martial Arts/fitness experience. See The Team page.

Kids/Youth Jujitsu:
Our Kids Jujitsu class has been established in Nova Scotia since 1985 and has be taught at various groups such as the Y.M.C.A, Halifax Recreation, Nubodys Fitness center (now Goodlife) and others. The participants are not only introduced to Jujitsu but all the other arts we teach at the academy, making then great overall Martial Artist. Some of our students started when they where 5 years old and now in their late 20’s still training as Black Belts. The programs main instructor Jeremy Ford started when he was 13 and now in his late 20’s runs an amazing class with the help of other certified instructors.

Family class: The Bushido-Kai is a big family and what better way to do things with your child then to take part training beside them in class. Our family class on Saturday’s is a great way to learn Martial Arts, and enjoy some time training along with your child. The main goal is to enjoy the training, we understand that some kids will not have a family member training with them and that’s ok, we all work together to provide a positive experience for everyone.

With a number of certified instructors you can be sure you are getting the top techniques and ongoing seminars form the leading instructors from around the world.