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Sensei Ray McKinnon

ray 2019Sensei Ray McKinnon — 5th Degree Black Belt, Jujitsu
Founder/Owner – Bushido-Kai  / McKinnon Academy of Martial Arts

Current Ranks:
4th Dan Yoshin-Ryu Jujitsu ( 2000 World Kobudo Federation) Level one Shootwrestling coach (1999 Shootwrestling Canada) Associate Instructor Jun Fan Gung Fu (2007 Doley Academy of Martial Arts) Associate instructor Jeet Kune Do (2007 Doley Academy of Martial Arts) Associate instructor Filipino Martial Arts (2007 Doley Academy of Martial Arts) Level one Muay Thai Kickboxing (2007 Thai Boxing Association of Canada) Certified P.P.C.T - Pressure point control tactics Certified Edge weapons awareness, MMA and Kickboxing fight manager. 

Japanese Jujitsu: 3rd Dan in Yoshin-Ryu Jujitsu certified by the Vancouver Kai Dojo (1989), 4th Dan in Yoshin-Ryu Jujitsu certified by the World Kobudo Federation (2000), 5th Dan in Jujitsu certified by the World Kobudo Federation promoted by Kyoshi Allen Sally 8th Dan in 2012. Ray has promoted Jujitsu across Nova Scotia since the early 90's having introduced it to many parts of the province by way of seminars at many local Martial Arts schools.

Starting his training in 1975 Ray has trained with many high ranking Jujitsu instructors including , Ken Yoshera 7th Dan, Robert Kranstz 7th Dan, John Therien 9th Dan, Allin Sally 8th Dan, as well as training in "Jujitsu based arts" with Tatso Suzuki 6th Dan Wado Ruy, John Pelligerini founder of Combat Hapkido and North American leading Ninjutsu instructor Steve K Hayes.

Ray represented Jujitsu for Canada in 1996 in Poland as a personal guest of the president of Judo Poland, he has promoted 27 Black Belts since he begin teaching in 1985 including the first Women to reach Black Belt in Japanese Jujitsu in Nova Scotia.

Kickboxing: Started kickboxing in 1983 under local instructor Paul Talbot and fought in amateur fights from 1894 to 1989 ending with a record of 7 wins 3 losses. He was the 1984 Moosehead Breweries "fight of the night" winner at an Atlantic Kickboxing competition. Ray has trained under his friend 23 time World Champion Jean Yves Theriault, trained in French Savate under leading North American instructor Salem Assli, Muay Thai under Dan Inosanto, Muay Thai under pro Thai boxer Jetler Charho from Thailand and under Atlantic Canada Thai boxing instructor Rob Doley (his current instructor). Ray is a certified level one Thai boxing under the U.S Thai Boxing Association of the U.S. He has been fight manager and trainer for many local fighters who have a club record of over 22 wins and 4 losses in both MMA and Kickboxing

Grappling: After starting to incorporate grappling into his training in 1993 Reading books on Japanese Submission wrestling and ordering V.H.S tapes on both Submission wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu he began training in the Canadian Shootwrestling program under Ron Beer, He received his level one coaching certification under Shootwrestling Canada and later on his Level two certification. He was the first to promote submission grappling across the province and taught seminars in Yarmouth, Truro and Sydney and helped many clubs establish a grappling program at the time.

He has trained under World Shootfighting Champion Bart Vale, U.F.C veterans Royce Gracie, Jeremy Horn, Dan Severn, Karo Parisyan, as well as training in California with “Judo” Jean Lebell, Gokor Chivichyan, Eddie Bravo and Bas Rutten he also takes seminars under current Bushido-Kai grappling adviser and Brazilian/Atlantic Canada instructor Edguard Lucke.

He also hosted the first submission grappling event in the province. Although no longer fighting, he has fought in many local submission grappling and Judo events over the years. He has trained in Judo for 5years and also trained at the Olympic Judo training centre in Poland, as well as training with the 1996 Russian Sambo team in Poland. He assisted in teaching a training seminar for the Provincial Judo Canada winter games team in grappling, he also received the spirit of Judo award from Judo N.S.
When he has time he currently trains in Judo and B.J.J under the instructors at the Bushido-Kai...

Jeet Kune Do: Ray began his training in J.K.D in 1993 at a seminar with Guro Dan Inosanto, he went on to also train with Guro Inosanto instructor Salem Assli. Ray has been a student under Dan Inosanto instructor Rob Doley for the last ten years and holds the rank of apprentice instructor in Jun Fan Gung Fu /Jeet Kune Do. Ray has attended many seminars with Guro Inosanto (the worlds leading J.K.D instructor) and has trained with him at his academy in California.

Filipino Martial Arts: beginning with a seminar in 1993 under Guro Dan Inosanto Ray went on to train with Guro Jun Delone both in Toronto and in Halifax. He has been a student under Guro Rob Doley since 2000 and is an apprentice instructor under him. Ray has also trained under current Bushido -Kai Filipino arts instructor Vince Bollozos who is one of the top instructors in Canada.

Defensive tactics: Ray has been involved with Law and Security training since he began to teach Self-Defence at Holland Collage Police Academy in 1993.Ray taught Defensive tactics to many groups including for four years for Saint Mary’s University, local bar staff and military boarding parties and the Army reserves and in 2010 was part of a Canada wide group that help establish the standers for bar security staff. He has been a use of force witness in court and a former Emergency Response Team member for the provincial forensics unit,he currently works in the Security Department for Mount Saint Vincent University.

Corporate training: Ray has taught many groups including Saint Marys University, Killum properties limited, Nova Scotia power, S.O.S (Women's support group), various bars in P.E.I, Security staff for White Security Investigations and Linkletter limited in P.E.I.

Today: He oversees Atlantic Canada’s largest multiple art Martial Arts Academy with a team of certified instructors.