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Our programs history: Ray started Kickboxing back in 1983 under then local Kickboxer Paul Talbot training out of Dalhousie University. Training with Paul and also under former Boxer and Kickboxing pioneer Ralph Hollett, Ray trained and fought from 1983 to 1986 and started teaching Kickboxing in 1984.

In the mid 90’s he attended seminars under now good friend Jean-Yves Theriault 23 Time World Champion and has hosted him many times in Halifax. In 1993 Ray was introduced to Muay Thai by way of Dan Inosanto at a seminar in N.B. In the early 2000 Ray had the first “Thai” Muay Thai pro fighter ever to teach in Nova Scotia coming all the way from Thailand he was here for two weeks teaching and training alongside Ray and his students.

In the mid 2000’s Ray and head striking coach Gerald Sanders began training under New Brunswick Thai boxing coach Rob Doley are currently certified Apprentice instructors under the Thai Boxing Association of U.S founder -Ajarn Chai Sirisute

What we teach:

Muay Thai as established by Ajarn Chai Sirisute – Thai Boxing Association of the U.S and Kru Rob Doley - Thai Boxing Association of Canada.

Amateur or North American style Kickboxing as established by Paul Talbot and Jean-Yves Theriault

Jun Fan Kickboxing as established by Bruce Lee (the striking part of Jun Fan Gung-Fu) and passed on to Dan Inosanto to Rob Doley to us.

 Headed up by Bushido-Kai’s head striking Coach Gerald Sanders. Our Kickboxing program is also taught at Dalhousie University and Mount Saint Vincent University and was also taught at the Canada games center and to Canada games athletes. We have students who enter various Kickboxing and MMA events and are currently 22-4 in events for our team.